Smart Insights:

Know the Unknown – Unearth hidden business insights – insights which cannot be discovered by traditional analytical tools, Unlocked by our proprietary AI platform.

Knowledge Management

Traditional Knowledge Management systems have over promised and under delivered. Tap into the “tribal knowledge” of your best agents and get all your agents performing to the highest level.

'The software will provide a ROI based prioritization of use cases that can be self served.'

Self Serviceability

Offering customers the ability to self serve their needs is seen as one of the biggest levers for improving customer experience. This has the added benefit of reducing the cost of customer service by deflecting the calls coming into the contact center.


Data Driven Training

Instead of participating in calendarize training programs, getting trained ( on things some agents don’t need) and not getting trained ( on things which some agents need), let the performance data speak for itself and provide agents with only the necessary training they need.

Agent Assist

Accurate and consistent answers to every customer question irrespective of whether the agent is new or experienced. By providing contextual assistance and suggested answers.

Voice based Intelligent Routing

Detecting sentiment from voice and combining it with the contextual customer information, route calls intelligently for better customer outcomes.

Integrated Development Workbench

Accelerate time to business value by deploying our pretrained Industry models and active libraries. Expand the coverage of the AI solution 4x faster than traditional approaches.


Nagaraj Govindarao
Founder and CEO
Kabir Ahmed Shakir
Global Finance Leader (Former CFO Microsoft/Unilever)
Dr. Vijay Chandru
co-Founder & Director at Strand Life Sciences
Jay Sethuraman
Professor at Columbia University
Don Alecci
Retired CIO JP Morgan Chase
Tom Thimot
CEO at Socure

     Use Cases:

IT Help Desk

Case Study: Using our platform, we helped a Top 5 Financial Services customer develop a 6 month ROI for their implementation

Make your employees more productive and offer them an improved experience without adding headcount your internal IT organization. By using our integrated omnichannel AI platform, predict and prevent incidents even before it happens. When incidents do happen, offer your users the ability to self serve their needs – in the channel of their preference – email, chat, voice.


Offer your customers superior customer service by engaging with them in the channel of their preference. Using our advanced algorithms, predict your customer’s need in advance and proactively address them. Let your customer’s routine requests be served through intelligent machines, while utilising the power of the human agent to handle the more complex customer needs.


Increase Renewal Rates

Increase your renewal rates by using a combination of intelligent lead scoring, voice based intelligent routing and offering your frontline teams, contextually relevant information about product and customer for better outcomes.

Smoother Claims Processing

The claims processing experience is a moment of truth for customers. Offering a frictionless experience for customers with genuine claims can earn companies customers for life and by the same token, is the most important reason for customer attrition. Our  proprietary algorithms help insurers successfully navigate this critical business process.


Misselling represents an enormous reputational risk for organizations, which can threaten its very existence. Our proprietary algorithms accurately predict the risk of misselling and alert the compliance teams to investigate and resolve the issue before it  becomes a big issue and imperils the reputation of the institutions.

Not only does our platform help in predicting risk of misselling, it also actively assists and guides your frontline teams to prevent the risk of misselling.


Anmol Dhingra
Lead Machine Learning Engineer
Nayeem Shaik
Software Engineer
Vinod Bukya
Machine Learning Engineer


Enterprise technology developers ( Python,Java….) wanting to make a career change to AI/Machine Learning. We will offer you opportunities to seamlessly move from traditional technology skills to Machine Learning.

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